How To Get Re-Motivated To Go To The Gym


Let’s be honest, losing weight can be a very tough task for a lot of people. Due to the difficult nature of dropping weight, many people lose focus early on in the process they had already started and tend to give up before seeing any real results.

If you can’t seem to put in consistent effort to exercise regularly and eat a nutritious diet, here are some tips to keep your motivation high again and help you get fit for real through eating a healthy diet and also working in gym:

1.Imagine the Future You, and Remember Why You Started

One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated is to visualize the end result. Whenever things start to get hard, try picturing yourself after all of the weight loss. Do you want to look like your favorite professional athlete? Do you simply want to see some definition in your abs? Do you just want to feel healthier? Remember why you went to the gym in the first place and how it will improve your life.

Maybe you want to become a fitness model or bodybuilder but just have a long way to go. When you win your first amateur contest, all of the sweat and tears will be worth it. No matter what your reasons are, keep them in mind as you endure the pain to reach your ultimate goal.

2: Find a Healthy Hobby

Many people fail to stay consistent with workouts and diets because they are painful and boring. Feeling sore and achy every other day and eating bland food for every meal is not fun for the majority of those who are trying to slim down or be fit. However, going to the gym can be a lot more entertaining if you get a little creative.

There is a huge variety of healthy hobbies for you to choose from, so deciding to go the gym as your hobby and making it as a part of what you like, it will help you since doing what you love is the easiest way to keep your motivation burning.

3: Work Out With a Buddy

Having a workout partner can make exercising a much more engaging experience to the gym. You will likely feed off of each other’s energy, motivating the other person as he or she performs the next set of lifts or the next set of pull-ups.

You might also develop a friendly rivalry if both of you have the same general goals. Seeing who can do most lifts is a nice way to push yourself and your workout partner every time you step into the gym for a session.

Scheduling a time to work out itself increases your chances of getting to the gym since you won’t want to bail out on your partner and vice versa.

4. Eating healthy foods

Would it not be easier to go to the gym twice a week and do a proper strength training exercise program to boost your metabolism and begin to burn more calories each day? Instead of eating whatever caused you to become and stay overweight? Would it not be easier to prepare ahead and eat 4-6 small meals each with a portion of quality protein so you can further boost your metabolism?

This is the type of eating that will keep you feeling full and satisfied so you can wean yourself off processed high sugar/fat foods full of unhealthy chemicals that cause you to crave even more unhealthy foods. Those are the habits that will keep you stuck forever in an unhealthy overweight body if you allow them to.

So you’re probably asking yourself how do I know that doing the above will give me more motivation to exercise and eat right?

You don’t know if something will work for you unless you actually try it for yourself. With that said, research does support all of the previously mentioned tips as being effective for increasing motivation in individuals who normally give up too soon.

In addition to making exercise more entertaining, your friend contributes the “benefit of support, encouragement, and even a little healthy competition.” These benefits are enhanced when both partners have the same end goal and participate in a physical activity that both enjoy.