Is crossfit fading off? What is the next fitness trend?

Many people think of a specific exercise when they hear the word crossfit, but what they don’t know that it is actually a lifestyle. A combination of rather demanding workouts and a healthy diet. Crossfit started its journey in the early 2000s. It wasn’t until 15 years later that it became very popular.

Users find the concept very effective as it is a blend of calisthenics, olympic weightlifting, compound gym workouts and gymnastics. Even though it is becoming less popular among the worldwide fitness community, it is still a favorite type of workout for soldiers and firefighters.

New year, new trends

Almost every year we have a new fitness trend peeking through. 2020 is no different. Although many fitness trends have kept their popularity within the fitness communities, it is becoming more and more obvious that crossfit is being replaced by new ones and it is no wonder.

There are many reasons why people workout – some of them are working out to lose weight, some of them want to gain it. Some people want to build their stamina and muscle, while others want to feel healthier and more fit. Working out is hard and it takes a lot of will and effort, so keeping the users engaged and happy is the ultimate number one for the fitness industry. That is why we see new trends sneaking up on us every once in a while.

Here are some of the most talked about in the 2020:

Yoga inspired workouts

There are a lot of yoga inspired workouts out there. Yoga, although an ancient practice movement, it is becoming more and more popular these days. It focuses on combining the physical, mental and spiritual practices, which people find motivating and inspiring after long days at work and an accumulated mental stress.

At-home workout

With new technology flow, it is now more convenient to workout at home in the comfort of your living room. Apps, Youtube channels and Instagram’s IGTV, is making it easy for people to workout at home without having to think about commuting, bad weather and the transport expenses. They can squeeze in a workout in their busy schedule easily with the press of a button on their TV remote controller or tapping on their phone app.

Group workouts

Millenials and GenZ are making about 80% of the fitness population in gyms, nowadays. They are known by their social skills and that’s why it is no wonder that they prefer working out in groups. Although group workout is nothing new, it is becoming more and more attractive for its social benefits.

Dance workouts

In the pool of the workout trends, dance workouts are thriving. From Zumba to LesMills program, they take exercise to the next level. Having fun while keeping your body toned and perfectly shaped, is what they all preach. And if you have ever seen a Zumba class, you heard the screaming, shouting and laughing. It is fun, engaging and inviting and that’s why people love it.