7 Top Fitness Trends in 2017

A New Year means a fresh beginning, and probably an opportunity to improve some of your old workout techniques with one of the top fitness trends. Every year comes with its own fitness trends and 2017 is no exception. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM); body weight training, wearable technology, strength training and High-intensity interval training (HIIT) will go viral in 2017. Here are the 7 top fitness trends in 2017 according to ACSM’s yearly list of what is shaping up the fitness world.

7 Top Fitness Trends in 2017.

1. Body Weight Training.

No equipment workouts will be popular in 2017 because they can be modified to suit any ability level, they are considerably easy to learn and can be done anywhere. Additionally, body weight training exercises are an ideal way to get fit at no cost. When combined with aerobic training, this fitness technique helps to increase lean muscle. Pull-ups and push-ups are expected to rise in popularity in 2017, but there are other viable choices for instance lunges, planks and squats, just to mention a few.

2. Wearable Technology.

For the last few years, wearable fitness equipment for instance pedometers, fitness trackers, smart watches and heart rate monitors have been hot holiday gifts. According to ACSM, that trend won’t be going anywhere in 2017. In fact, the sales of wearable fitness gadgets are expected to rise above $4 billion in 2017.

3. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

High-intensity interval training is projected to be a major fitness trend in 2017 because most people are short of time. Instead of spending ample time exercising at a slow-to-moderate pace, HIIT enables you to burn calories fast by engaging in quick bursts of high-intensity exercise with brief rest periods. Apart from helping to burn more calories within a short period of time, this exercise also helps to build endurance.

4. Strength Training.

Gone are the days when cardio was the only big strength training technique. Strength training has risen in popularity and it is expected to get big and better in 2017. Besides building muscles and increasing endurance, strength training comes with other health benefits including preventing back pain, diabetes and much more. Furthermore, a growing number of women have realized that weight lifting won’t make them bulky as believed earlier, but will boost their metabolism and help them to burn fats.

5. An increase in the Number of Certified, educated and experienced Fitness Experts.

The number of people studying to become fitness trainers has been growing slowly but surely. Labor statistics predicts that this trend will go up in 2017, with employment of fitness experts rising to 8 percent between 2014 and 2024.

6. Exercise is Medication.

Exercise has vast benefits including lowering the risk of stroke, heart disease, cancer, dementia and other chronic illnesses. What’s more? Regular exercise helps in mood-boosting and stress-reduction. As a result of these benefits, the American Medical association in conjunction with ACSM co-launched a global initiative called “Exercise is Medicine” to encourage physicians to refer patients to fitness professionals in their societies. This initiative is projected to get better in 2017 as many people begin to use exercise as a vital preventive health tool than ever.

7. Group Training.

Group training is a big fitness trend that is predicted to get better in 2017 as many people ditch solo training. This fitness training method makes trying new exercises like boot camp easy and fun. Also, it keeps you motivated to push yourself beyond limits.

Final Purport.

Other fitness trends in 2017 include yoga; functional fitness; circuit training; use of mobility and flexibility rollers; use of smartphone exercise apps; outdoor activities like hiking; wellness coaching; personal training and exercise/weight loss. Thus, whether you love riding, CrossFit barre, yoga or just strength training; keep enjoying because this fitness trend isn’t going out of style in 2017.

How To Get Re-Motivated To Go To The Gym


Let’s be honest, losing weight can be a very tough task for a lot of people. Due to the difficult nature of dropping weight, many people lose focus early on in the process they had already started and tend to give up before seeing any real results.

If you can’t seem to put in consistent effort to exercise regularly and eat a nutritious diet, here are some tips to keep your motivation high again and help you get fit for real through eating a healthy diet and also working in gym:

1.Imagine the Future You, and Remember Why You Started

One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated is to visualize the end result. Whenever things start to get hard, try picturing yourself after all of the weight loss. Do you want to look like your favorite professional athlete? Do you simply want to see some definition in your abs? Do you just want to feel healthier? Remember why you went to the gym in the first place and how it will improve your life.

Maybe you want to become a fitness model or bodybuilder but just have a long way to go. When you win your first amateur contest, all of the sweat and tears will be worth it. No matter what your reasons are, keep them in mind as you endure the pain to reach your ultimate goal.

2: Find a Healthy Hobby

Many people fail to stay consistent with workouts and diets because they are painful and boring. Feeling sore and achy every other day and eating bland food for every meal is not fun for the majority of those who are trying to slim down or be fit. However, going to the gym can be a lot more entertaining if you get a little creative.

There is a huge variety of healthy hobbies for you to choose from, so deciding to go the gym as your hobby and making it as a part of what you like, it will help you since doing what you love is the easiest way to keep your motivation burning.

3: Work Out With a Buddy

Having a workout partner can make exercising a much more engaging experience to the gym. You will likely feed off of each other’s energy, motivating the other person as he or she performs the next set of lifts or the next set of pull-ups.

You might also develop a friendly rivalry if both of you have the same general goals. Seeing who can do most lifts is a nice way to push yourself and your workout partner every time you step into the gym for a session.

Scheduling a time to work out itself increases your chances of getting to the gym since you won’t want to bail out on your partner and vice versa.

4. Eating healthy foods

Would it not be easier to go to the gym twice a week and do a proper strength training exercise program to boost your metabolism and begin to burn more calories each day? Instead of eating whatever caused you to become and stay overweight? Would it not be easier to prepare ahead and eat 4-6 small meals each with a portion of quality protein so you can further boost your metabolism?

This is the type of eating that will keep you feeling full and satisfied so you can wean yourself off processed high sugar/fat foods full of unhealthy chemicals that cause you to crave even more unhealthy foods. Those are the habits that will keep you stuck forever in an unhealthy overweight body if you allow them to.

So you’re probably asking yourself how do I know that doing the above will give me more motivation to exercise and eat right?

You don’t know if something will work for you unless you actually try it for yourself. With that said, research does support all of the previously mentioned tips as being effective for increasing motivation in individuals who normally give up too soon.

In addition to making exercise more entertaining, your friend contributes the “benefit of support, encouragement, and even a little healthy competition.” These benefits are enhanced when both partners have the same end goal and participate in a physical activity that both enjoy.

work out

4 Ways To Spice Up Your Workout Routines

Introducing 4 ways to make your workout routines fresh and push you pass your threshold and get the weight loss results that you have always dreamed of!

Getting constant results from your workout programs is really a tough thing to handle. This is because our bodies are funny in a certain way and responds in a certain way as well. Did you ever feel that one day your abs routines feels like a killer routine and then next day you don’t feel it working that well anymore?

This is what I am talking about. We need to get you out of the rut and make you exercise routine fresh again! When you constantly overload and surprise your body with exciting new workout routines, your body will respond and produce great results! You have to give the body a reason to change and improve.

Workout Routine Spicer 1

Do most of your exercises on unstable ground. That is right. This is one of the rare times that we want instability. You can do your exercises on one leg, on a fitball or instead of placing your feet on the ground; you lift them up in the air to make your body unstable. This is simple step increases the difficulty of the exercise because it automatically incorporates the core muscles. Don’t believe me? Try it, I can guarantee that you will sweat excessively!

Workout Routine Spicer 2

Include high intensity weight training or advance training techniques like supersets. Just like the name, supersets will give you a superburn! Instead of just doing the same old boring one set, rest and then one set, do a set of exercise and do another set of exercise on the opposing muscle group immediately with no rest in between! Sounds crazy? Well, it will give you crazy results!

For example, let us the chest and back muscle group. Both of these muscle groups have are opposing muscle groups. First, do a set of bench press of 12 heavy reps. Then, rack the weight and immediately rush over to the lat pull down machine and do 12 reps on controlled pull downs to the front. Even if you are out of breath, don’t give up! Finish off the set! Do three rounds and by the end of the third round, you will feel super pumped!

Workout Routine Spicer 3

Execute your arm movements’ one arm at a time. Again, I want to take you away from the conventional method of weight training. Usually, we use two hands when we lift weights. That is just normal right? How about try using one arm at a time or alternate arm for a change? You don’t do this without any purpose. Using one arm at a time can help incorporate the core muscles! Now you get t spice up your exercise routine, build that muscle and get a solid core all at the same time!

Workout Routine Spicer 4

Do circuit training instead of just the old fashion do weights first and do cardio later technique. Circuit training is a technique where by you would combine cardio and weight training together to form a solid one-hour workout. Typically, a circuit has 5-to6 intervals and one interval is made up of 2 exercises of 2 sets each and the one 3 minute high intensity cardio session.

You have to spice up your exercise program if you want to optimize your exercise results. Our body is something very special. It adapts easily to things hence we can only get fabulous results if we keep the body guessing. Hope you have a pleasant workout!

8 Ways to Decorate Your Home In 2016

home decoration

There are many different ways you can decorate your home and the internet is replete with endless ideas that can help you achieve any kind of look. However, if you are looking for something different, something amazing, then the Plantation style is ideal for you. It is inspired by the English and French colonists who moved to the West Indies in the 17th and 18th century. The plantation style will give your home a cozy, relaxed, and holiday appeal. So, without further wait, let us learn some ideas for the plantation style décor.

The Floors

Wooden flooring will give your home a cozy and warm feel. You can also add floor accessories like antique-looking carpet and woven rugs to create the plantation style look.

The Walls

The best color choice for your walls is shades of the sky, sea, sand, and the earth. Beige, light green, light blue, and neutral shades like white and cream are just perfect. Soft colors go perfectly with dark furniture, which is important for plantation style interiors.

The Ceiling

You must also give importance to the ceiling of your rooms to get that perfect plantation style look. You can change your regular ceiling fans and replace them with fans having rattan or palm paddles.

The Windows

You can make use of plantation style shutters on the windows to get the right look. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative then matchstick blinds will suit your windows perfectly. It’s very important when applying for things such as Home Renovations in Toronto to make sure you stay on top of these projects you’re under taking such as your windows. Do make sure that the color of your blinds matches the color scheme you have decided perfectly. You can also style your windows using antique finish curtains.

The Furniture

Furniture plays a very imprinting role in helping you achieve the exact look you are interested in, so do give enough importance to the same. The plantation style decoration needs a particular style of furniture. Furniture created of teak wood or any kind of deep-colored wood will look good. You can also make use of cane furniture to create the right environment. Do place a big-sized chair in some corner of your room. This will make the room look all the more beautiful and relaxed. As far as beds are concerned, dark wood four poster beds will go with your décor nicely.

The Artwork

A nice piece of artwork has the power to change the look of any home quite easily, so investing in the same will always prove worthwhile. You can use artwork with trees or vintage postcards. This will create the exact holiday type look you are interested in. Mirrors of varying size and shapes with silver frames and palm tree paintings will further help enhance the look of your home.

The Fabrics

You can use light colored fabrics for your cushion covers. Fabrics like gauzy silk and cotton will also look great.

Accessories and flowers

If you love fresh flowers then lilies and orchids are the right picks for your home. Flowers help create a positive energy and make the room look nice and fresh. You can add rugs and baskets to add to the plantation appeal. You may even keep a big wooden box or basket strategically in your room, which will contribute to the look, and at the same time allow you to store things.

Now that you know some easy ways to create the plantation style look, get the items, start redecorating your home, and enjoy living in a whole, new, splendid environment.

The Best Way To Hard Gains

Gaining muscle mass takes work. Anyone who has ever tried will know that. Gains, however, are not just made in the gym; they’re made in the kitchen. If you are training four, five, six days a week, but aren’t eating properly, you will go nowhere. Worse, in fact, you’ll probably go backwards. There is a common myth that going to the gym will help you lose fat. While this is true, to a small degree, it is not the correct way to think about it. Here’s why.

Based upon your weight, there will be a specific number of calories that you need to consume in order to gain, maintain, or lose weight. If you weigh 80kg, you’ll need roughly 2000 calories per day. If you want to gain at a reasonable rate, you’ll need a minimum of 3500. Where most people falter at this point is by not knowing what calories they should be eating, and what calories they should stay away from. This hurdle is even larger if you want to gain muscle without gaining fat, or while simultaneously losing fat.

Basically, the calories you need to be taking in will come from wholegrain rice, porridge, wholegrain pasta. There are more exotic options, but these will be your staples. In addition, if you want to have any hope of making gains, you’re going to need protein, and lots of it. It is recommended that you get your protein from a variety of sources, i.e. milk, red meat, fish, eggs, broccoli, peas. On top of that, you will benefit greatly from supplements. These are not strictly necessary, but there are no good reasons why you shouldn’t, and by not taking them, you’ll only be making it that much harder for yourself. The average gym goer, looking to gain muscle, should be taking in at least 150g of protein, per day.

Recommended supplements are:

· Whey

· Creatine


· Glutamine

· Omega 3,6,9

Pre-workout is also extremely helpful, though it’s not for everyone, and it is important that you follow the dosage closely, and remember to cycle off at regular intervals, to avoid any withdrawal like side effects.

It should go without saying, but you need to drink water, and a lot of it. Being under hydrated will negative effects everywhere. You will feel fatigue more easily, your body will take longer to recover, you will struggle to process food normally, resulting in loss of muscle weight.

Once your diet is sorted, and you’ve set foot in the gym, it is important that you push hard. As I said, if you are looking to gain muscle, you have to eat more, and if you do this, but then skip sessions, or don’t push yourself, you will gain fat. The harder you push, the better your results will be. Also remember to vary your workouts. If you stick with the same routine for too long, or only use weights, ignoring the cables and machines, you will soon find yourself at a plateau, not getting any stronger, or more muscular, while continuing to gain weight, which will come to you in the form of fat.

In order to see results at the gym, you have to be a bit of a nerd about it, if you’ll excuse the term. It will take a fair amount of thought and planning to reach your goal, and there’s no shortcut.

Different Nutritional Advice For Different Body Types

There are three body types Mesomorph, Ectomorph, and Endomorph that determine what you should eat to best fuel your activities. You, therefore, need to establish your body before adjusting your nutrient intake accordingly so as to optimize your body composition and other health related goals. Note some people may not entirely fall into any one of the categories, and instead, mix the three characteristics. Otherwise, understanding the various body types will help you strategize and successfully plan your diet regimen.

1. Mesomorphs

Mesomorphs have athletic body, medium-sized bone structure and have a significant amount of lean body mass. They are also testosterone and growth hormone dominant, a feature that gives such persons a tendency gain muscles and maintains a lower body fat. The mesomorph figure is the ideal body form for bodybuilders. It responds best to exercise, leading to a quick realization of results. Unfortunately, since mesomorphs gain fat fast, they need to watch their calorie intake. It is, therefore, advisable to combine weight training with cardio while exercising.

Nutritional Advice

Mesomorphs do best with mixed diets. Use a diet that consists of balanced carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. A micronutrient split of forty percent (40 %) carbs, 30 percent fat, and 30 percent protein will work best. Even for the physically blessed mesomorphs, insufficient nutrient translates to minimal gains while working out. So, use low-fat proteins, for instance, nonfat Greek yogurt, eggs, kefir, seafood, and poultry build strong muscles besides encouraging muscle growth. Complex carbs, on the other hand, provide energy to take part in demanding workouts.

2. Ectomorphs

Ectomorphs are thin persons characterized by thinner limbs and smaller bone structures. They have a predisposition for thyroid and SNS (Sympathetic Nervous Systems) dominance besides having a higher sensitivity or higher output of catecholamines such as norepinephrine and epinephrine. This body type is associated with high metabolic rate and hence high carbs tolerance. Ectomorphs do best with more carbohydrates in the diet together with a lower fat and a moderate protein intake. Consequently a nutrient distribution of 55 percent carbs, 25 percent protein, and 20 percent fat is ideal. For ectomorphs it’s always helpful to have a Personal Trainer to help out to gain muscle. Having a strong nutrition plan is super important, but they also have to lift specifically to get bigger.

Nutritional Advice

The fact ectomorphs are disadvantaged because of their thin body structure implies that they have to struggle to add mass to their structure to attain their dream figure. Achieving their dream physique, therefore, requires hard work and a high level of dedication. They burn calories more efficiently inhibiting them from adding weight and as such, diet is important. Make an effort to get more carbohydrates during or immediately after workout. Also, stick to high-quality sources of healthy fats and proteins. Eat more frequently, target 6 to 8 meals distributed throughout the day. Be sure to eat breakfast that mainly consists of proteins and complex carbs.

3. Endomorphs

Endomorphs are extremely sensitive to even the least over-consumption of foods. Consequently, they struggle with their weight more than any other body type. Extra calories are easily stored as fats resulting in increased likelihood of gaining weight. Even eating a chocolate bar every day can make endomorphs gain extra weight and later on struggle with it so much. So, make an effort not to veer off course even by very few degrees. Make an effort to catch it and reverse the situation early.

Nutritional Advice

For Endomorphs, other than calorie intake, a micro-nutrient ratio (proteins, carbs and fat ratio) is a crucial factor that can help you remain fit. The have some level of insulin sensitivity and carb sensitivity. Consequently, you should eat complex carbs, mainly vegetables and smaller amounts of high-fiber starches. If you have already gained weight and want to lose it, stop eating white bread, pasta, and rice as well as sweet cereals, cookies, and cakes. Since fruits are rich in sugars, you are recommended to eat a minimum of five servings of vegetables for every two servings of fruits.

Finally, your body type determines how easy you gain and lose weight. It also influences the foods that perfectly fuel your body. Use the different nutritional advice for various body types to maximize your prospects and achieve your dream physique.