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4 Ways To Spice Up Your Workout Routines

Introducing 4 ways to make your workout routines fresh and push you pass your threshold and get the weight loss results that you have always dreamed of!

Getting constant results from your workout programs is really a tough thing to handle. This is because our bodies are funny in a certain way and responds in a certain way as well. Did you ever feel that one day your abs routines feels like a killer routine and then next day you don’t feel it working that well anymore?

This is what I am talking about. We need to get you out of the rut and make you exercise routine fresh again! When you constantly overload and surprise your body with exciting new workout routines, your body will respond and produce great results! You have to give the body a reason to change and improve.

Workout Routine Spicer 1

Do most of your exercises on unstable ground. That is right. This is one of the rare times that we want instability. You can do your exercises on one leg, on a fitball or instead of placing your feet on the ground; you lift them up in the air to make your body unstable. This is simple step increases the difficulty of the exercise because it automatically incorporates the core muscles. Don’t believe me? Try it, I can guarantee that you will sweat excessively!

Workout Routine Spicer 2

Include high intensity weight training or advance training techniques like supersets. Just like the name, supersets will give you a superburn! Instead of just doing the same old boring one set, rest and then one set, do a set of exercise and do another set of exercise on the opposing muscle group immediately with no rest in between! Sounds crazy? Well, it will give you crazy results!

For example, let us the chest and back muscle group. Both of these muscle groups have are opposing muscle groups. First, do a set of bench press of 12 heavy reps. Then, rack the weight and immediately rush over to the lat pull down machine and do 12 reps on controlled pull downs to the front. Even if you are out of breath, don’t give up! Finish off the set! Do three rounds and by the end of the third round, you will feel super pumped!

Workout Routine Spicer 3

Execute your arm movements’ one arm at a time. Again, I want to take you away from the conventional method of weight training. Usually, we use two hands when we lift weights. That is just normal right? How about try using one arm at a time or alternate arm for a change? You don’t do this without any purpose. Using one arm at a time can help incorporate the core muscles! Now you get t spice up your exercise routine, build that muscle and get a solid core all at the same time!

Workout Routine Spicer 4

Do circuit training instead of just the old fashion do weights first and do cardio later technique. Circuit training is a technique where by you would combine cardio and weight training together to form a solid one-hour workout. Typically, a circuit has 5-to6 intervals and one interval is made up of 2 exercises of 2 sets each and the one 3 minute high intensity cardio session.

You have to spice up your exercise program if you want to optimize your exercise results. Our body is something very special. It adapts easily to things hence we can only get fabulous results if we keep the body guessing. Hope you have a pleasant workout!

Different Nutritional Advice For Different Body Types

There are three body types Mesomorph, Ectomorph, and Endomorph that determine what you should eat to best fuel your activities. You, therefore, need to establish your body before adjusting your nutrient intake accordingly so as to optimize your body composition and other health related goals. Note some people may not entirely fall into any one of the categories, and instead, mix the three characteristics. Otherwise, understanding the various body types will help you strategize and successfully plan your diet regimen.

1. Mesomorphs

Mesomorphs have athletic body, medium-sized bone structure and have a significant amount of lean body mass. They are also testosterone and growth hormone dominant, a feature that gives such persons a tendency gain muscles and maintains a lower body fat. The mesomorph figure is the ideal body form for bodybuilders. It responds best to exercise, leading to a quick realization of results. Unfortunately, since mesomorphs gain fat fast, they need to watch their calorie intake. It is, therefore, advisable to combine weight training with cardio while exercising.

Nutritional Advice

Mesomorphs do best with mixed diets. Use a diet that consists of balanced carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. A micronutrient split of forty percent (40 %) carbs, 30 percent fat, and 30 percent protein will work best. Even for the physically blessed mesomorphs, insufficient nutrient translates to minimal gains while working out. So, use low-fat proteins, for instance, nonfat Greek yogurt, eggs, kefir, seafood, and poultry build strong muscles besides encouraging muscle growth. Complex carbs, on the other hand, provide energy to take part in demanding workouts.

2. Ectomorphs

Ectomorphs are thin persons characterized by thinner limbs and smaller bone structures. They have a predisposition for thyroid and SNS (Sympathetic Nervous Systems) dominance besides having a higher sensitivity or higher output of catecholamines such as norepinephrine and epinephrine. This body type is associated with high metabolic rate and hence high carbs tolerance. Ectomorphs do best with more carbohydrates in the diet together with a lower fat and a moderate protein intake. Consequently a nutrient distribution of 55 percent carbs, 25 percent protein, and 20 percent fat is ideal. For ectomorphs it’s always helpful to have a Personal Trainer to help out to gain muscle. Having a strong nutrition plan is super important, but they also have to lift specifically to get bigger.

Nutritional Advice

The fact ectomorphs are disadvantaged because of their thin body structure implies that they have to struggle to add mass to their structure to attain their dream figure. Achieving their dream physique, therefore, requires hard work and a high level of dedication. They burn calories more efficiently inhibiting them from adding weight and as such, diet is important. Make an effort to get more carbohydrates during or immediately after workout. Also, stick to high-quality sources of healthy fats and proteins. Eat more frequently, target 6 to 8 meals distributed throughout the day. Be sure to eat breakfast that mainly consists of proteins and complex carbs.

3. Endomorphs

Endomorphs are extremely sensitive to even the least over-consumption of foods. Consequently, they struggle with their weight more than any other body type. Extra calories are easily stored as fats resulting in increased likelihood of gaining weight. Even eating a chocolate bar every day can make endomorphs gain extra weight and later on struggle with it so much. So, make an effort not to veer off course even by very few degrees. Make an effort to catch it and reverse the situation early.

Nutritional Advice

For Endomorphs, other than calorie intake, a micro-nutrient ratio (proteins, carbs and fat ratio) is a crucial factor that can help you remain fit. The have some level of insulin sensitivity and carb sensitivity. Consequently, you should eat complex carbs, mainly vegetables and smaller amounts of high-fiber starches. If you have already gained weight and want to lose it, stop eating white bread, pasta, and rice as well as sweet cereals, cookies, and cakes. Since fruits are rich in sugars, you are recommended to eat a minimum of five servings of vegetables for every two servings of fruits.

Finally, your body type determines how easy you gain and lose weight. It also influences the foods that perfectly fuel your body. Use the different nutritional advice for various body types to maximize your prospects and achieve your dream physique.