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8 Ways to Decorate Your Home In 2016

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There are many different ways you can decorate your home and the internet is replete with endless ideas that can help you achieve any kind of look. However, if you are looking for something different, something amazing, then the Plantation style is ideal for you. It is inspired by the English and French colonists who moved to the West Indies in the 17th and 18th century. The plantation style will give your home a cozy, relaxed, and holiday appeal. So, without further wait, let us learn some ideas for the plantation style décor.

The Floors

Wooden flooring will give your home a cozy and warm feel. You can also add floor accessories like antique-looking carpet and woven rugs to create the plantation style look.

The Walls

The best color choice for your walls is shades of the sky, sea, sand, and the earth. Beige, light green, light blue, and neutral shades like white and cream are just perfect. Soft colors go perfectly with dark furniture, which is important for plantation style interiors.

The Ceiling

You must also give importance to the ceiling of your rooms to get that perfect plantation style look. You can change your regular ceiling fans and replace them with fans having rattan or palm paddles.

The Windows

You can make use of plantation style shutters on the windows to get the right look. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative then matchstick blinds will suit your windows perfectly. It’s very important when applying for things such as Home Renovations in Toronto to make sure you stay on top of these projects you’re under taking such as your windows. Do make sure that the color of your blinds matches the color scheme you have decided perfectly. You can also style your windows using antique finish curtains.

The Furniture

Furniture plays a very imprinting role in helping you achieve the exact look you are interested in, so do give enough importance to the same. The plantation style decoration needs a particular style of furniture. Furniture created of teak wood or any kind of deep-colored wood will look good. You can also make use of cane furniture to create the right environment. Do place a big-sized chair in some corner of your room. This will make the room look all the more beautiful and relaxed. As far as beds are concerned, dark wood four poster beds will go with your décor nicely.

The Artwork

A nice piece of artwork has the power to change the look of any home quite easily, so investing in the same will always prove worthwhile. You can use artwork with trees or vintage postcards. This will create the exact holiday type look you are interested in. Mirrors of varying size and shapes with silver frames and palm tree paintings will further help enhance the look of your home.

The Fabrics

You can use light colored fabrics for your cushion covers. Fabrics like gauzy silk and cotton will also look great.

Accessories and flowers

If you love fresh flowers then lilies and orchids are the right picks for your home. Flowers help create a positive energy and make the room look nice and fresh. You can add rugs and baskets to add to the plantation appeal. You may even keep a big wooden box or basket strategically in your room, which will contribute to the look, and at the same time allow you to store things.

Now that you know some easy ways to create the plantation style look, get the items, start redecorating your home, and enjoy living in a whole, new, splendid environment.