Top Political Climates and Instability around the World Right Today in

Top Political Climates and Instability around the World Right Today in 2017

Politics is everything. In fact, the main reason for global political instability is the blind belief and faith in political leaders and authority. Did you know that extreme poverty destroys families, nations and communities? Well, now you know. It is the main reason for political unrest and instability; it fuels conflicts in our different societies. With that said, I am sure you are probably asking yourself what political instability is.

Political instability is the volatility experienced in the various political environments across the globe. Political instability is the process where the political climate of a nation suddenly fails or changes. It destabilizes a nation and a country has increased probabilities of getting disturbed or changing. By now you are probably wondering what some of the reasons for political instability are. A little knowledge on the top causes for political instability will go a long way in helping you understand the current political climate and instability across nations in the world.

Top Causes for political instability

Let us quickly dive in!!

1. If the freedom and rights of the people are not respected

2. Mismanagement of public wealth and corruption

3. If elections of a country are not free and fair

4. Extreme poverty and mass unemployment

5. If opposition parties are suppressed

6. If the current ruling government decides not to be transparent and open in its dealings

7. If the citizens of a nation live in fear

8. Increased level of prejudice and unreasonable hatred of the people who are different from you like; tribalism might spur political instability

9. If the current president holds on to power for too long.

Now you know the reasons for political instability. Here are some of the top political climates and instabilities around the world today in 2017.

Top Political Climates and Instabilities around the world today in 2017

1. The unpredictable Super Power-United States of America

President Trump is expected to use his power to advance the boarder interest. More hawkish and the less predictable U.S foreign policy is expected during his time in power. U.S institutions will fail due to the edging in allies in Asia, Europe, China and Russia.

2. China leadership transition

The leadership transition that is experienced in China will result into risks beyond the countries boarders.

3. The Europe Power Vacuum

Some of the potential threats to Europe in 2017 include; The delicate relations with Turkey and Russia, Brexit negotiations, Greece’s Finances and the France�s Election.

4. The Middle east and the technological disruption

The technological change experienced in the Middle East is further weakening the region. The revolution in energy production will undermine the economic stability of the various states as they solely depend on gas and oil exports for their government revenue. Less jobs will be creates as a result of automation at the workplace, Cyber conflicts and forced transparency will result in an unstable middle east.

5. Struggling African Nations

With Kenya being the first African country to nullify the election of a current sitting president, a lot of political tension and instability is witnessed in the country even as they go into another fresh re-election. South Africa’s Jacob Zuma faces a lot of corruption allegations and is afraid to pass on power to someone he does not trust.

From the above facts, it is true that there are various countries and states across the globe that are faces with unstable political climates. Political instability affects the economy and in most cases results into feuds and crisis in a nation.