What are the Implications of a Country like China Becoming a Superpower?

We all read headlines in various newspapers, websites, TV or radio stations that the China is becoming a world super power. Currently, they are becoming stronger every day, as Chinese National Statistical Bureau announced that economic growth in that country is more than 9% – which is far more than expected. And as they announce, it will grow even more.

Their big rivals, Japan, are not so far ahead now because the Chinese economy is growing much faster than the other countries. It would have been said that the current global crisis does not hit them.

Their workforce is one of the cheapest in the world, but its production is massive. However, their success is due to their big military strength.

We all know that China was once a very poor country, which struggled to keep pace with the then world capitalist forces, like USA, West Germany or Great Britain. The Communist government then reversed them, but now it looks like they are on a good way. You are probably wondering, is there any consequences?

We already mentioned that the Chinese workforce is very cheap, which of course can only destroy the economies of more developed countries. Most of the world’s big companies are going to China to build factories, hire people and pay them at least 10x less than their domestic worker. This led to an increase in the unemployment percentage drastically.

During 2015, China’s defense policy has undergone radical changes. Changes that helped China to become one of the strongest military force in the world. In March 2013, China changed its behavior in the area around the disputed islands of Senkaku (Djaoiu). Then – instead of unarmed ships – for the first time they sent the warships and airplanes of the PLA (People‚Äôs Liberation Army) warships. This measure had a serious political effect.

In November 2013, Beijing introduced a good part of the East China Sea into its PWR identification zone. In that zone, the United States and Japan began demonstrative flights with their own warplanes, to show that they did not recognize the Chinese side’s decisions.

Although in such situations China does not yet directly use force, it cannot be said that they are as much passive. The first month after the introduction of the identification zone, China, in response to the fall of foreign warplanes into the zone, has already aired its aviation for 51 times. Chinese warplanes made a total of 87 flights.

Their cooperation with North Korea is also well-known. North Korea is probably the most dangerous country in the world at the moment. They threaten to start the Third World War. However, nobody currently knows what kind of military force or nuclear weapons they have. The US government thinks they do not have any nuclear weapons, but they cannot be sure.

The world is currently in the global economic crisis and in history it is known that the production of weapons significantly increases the economy in the country. So, we can only hope that country like China will find some other solutions to rise their economy, and leave the world in peace.